Aircraft Engine Overhaul Shop

If your aircraft’s engine is breaking down, you might be at a loss for what to do. Flying with a damaged or aging engine obviously isn’t a feasible choice due to the danger involved. What, then, are your options? Do you buy a new engine and spend a boatload of money for a replacement? You could, but there’s a much easier and cheaper way. Put that money towards jet engine repair at Hale Aircraft’s high-end aircraft engine overhaul shops. Our aircraft engine repair services allow you to keep your original engine, avoiding the cost of a new engine.

When you bring your engine to Hale Aircraft, our team of aircraft engine repair experts will thoroughly inspect your engine. They’ll comb over every aspect and piece of your engine and note any issues that arise during this process. Once the engineers are finished with their examination, they’ll bring the list of issues to you, along with an estimate of how much each repair will cost. Should you agree to the cost of the estimate, the team at Hale Aircraft’s engine overhaul shop will get to work, making the necessary repairs to your engine in order to get it running in peak shape again.

Please call 770-946-4327 for a quote or fax your engines current times and cycles along with your contact information to 770-946-3812. You can also submit this information through our contact page.

Hale Aircraft proudly offers the following engine services:

Pratt & Whitney JT15D series engine

Aviation engine overhaul, hot section inspection, and any engine needs an operator may have

Accessory Overhauls

Including Pratt & Whitney JT15D

Component Welding, Machining & Repair

Full range of NDT and detailed inspections